How To Beat The Casino At Blackjack

You can learn how to beat the casino at "Blackjack" by following some simple strategies. Every hand is different depending on your cards and the dealer's “up” card. A great way to evaluate your strategy is to practice before going to a big casino and blowing all your money. You can practice online using a simulator to perfect your strategy.  If you are going to beat the casino at "Blackjack," you have to realize you will not win every hand. "Blackjack" is a game you will usually win over a period of time. Statistically winning is how you will beat the casino at "Blackjack."

In order to beat the casino at "Blackjack," you should consider:

  • Using a simulator to emulate the conditions at the casino. Most casinos use multiple decks, so it can be hard to practice at home. 
  • Going to a website simulator like and use their simulator to create the conditions at the casino. This site offers an excellent strategy guide that helps you decide what to do.
  • Picking out the house advantages from the casino of your choice. Some play with two decks, some four or even eight. Other things to consider are whether the casino stands or hits on a soft seventeen. 
  • Starting to play. Utilize the strategy guide or override the suggestions to create your own strategy.
  1. Play at a table you can afford. The odds may not be in your favor for a stretch of time. You might lose continuously even if you use a great strategy. The longer you can play, the better your odds will be when you get stuck in a rut. For example, if you only have $100 don’t play at a $25 table. If you lose four hands, your money will be lost.
  2. Buy in for at least ten to twenty times your minimum bet. This is key to having an overall advantage if you get stuck with crappy hands.
  3. Evaluate your play based on the table as a whole. If you only have sixteen and the dealer shows a face card, you should hit. If the dealer is only shows a three and you have sixteen you should stand. Every hand is different, but you should be consistent in your strategy.
  4. Learn to walk away. Sometimes you will lose. It is part of gambling, but the more you play, the better your odds are at beating the casino.
  5. Realize that the more decks you play with reduce your chances of beating the casino. If playing with one deck, the house advantage is only seventeen percent. If the house plays with two decks, it increases to 46 percent. Four decks increases the house advantage to sixty percent. Play at the table with the smallest amount of decks.
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