How To Beat The Casino In Craps

How to beat the casino in craps is the question running through every dice player's mind as they throw their money down. While you can never guarantee a win, with the right knowledge you can put the odds in your favor.

Dice Control. The only  way to beat the casino in craps in the long run is to learn and use dice control.

  1. According to Yuri Kononenko, author of Dice Control for Casino Craps, if a player learns to control them perfectly, and makes the proper bets, then they can get a 2.38% to 9.5% edge over the casino. Dice control is handling and throwing the dice in such a way as to increase the chances that a certain number will appear before the 7 does.
  2. Dice control requires long hours of practice on a craps table because a player must hold and throw the dice in the exact same way time after time. Since the dice have sharp edges and the house rules require that they bounce off of the opposite wall of the craps table, it takes a great deal of skill to accomplish this task. When you add the chips spread across the table, waiting to throw off a dice roll the skill level required increases even more.

Learning which bets to make. While knowing the proper bets to make doesn't guarantee that a gambler will beat the casino at craps, it does maximize the chances.

  1. The best bet on the craps table is the placing of full odds behind the pass line or on the come bets.
  2. While the odds favor the house on every other bet on the table, the actual "odds" bet behind the pass line or on the come bets are paid at true odds, giving the casino no edge at all on this bet. Of course, they still have a slight edge on the actual pass or come bet.

Systems. There are books filled with systems to beat the casino in craps. One of the most famous is the Craps 5 method set forth in Frank Scoblete's 2005 book, "Beat the Craps out of the Casinos".  

  1. The 5 count method of play involves weeding out the players who "7 out" quickly, and make the gambler more likely to be able to take advantage of a hot shooter while earning comps for being at the table a long time.
  2. Wait The basic system is not to start betting until a player has made 5 rolls without a craps.

Comps. Another way a player maximizes his return is to take advantage of the comp system while at  the tables. Casinos know that time at the table equals money in their pockets and they are happy to return some of that money through the comp system. Comps may include meals, souvenirs, cash back, hotel rooms for free or at a discount, and even airfare.

  1. Sign up Players should sign up for the players clubs at any casino they visit and allow themselves to be "rated" so they begin accumulating points. The most common method of being rated is to throw the player's card on the table along with the initial cash buy in. Once the information is recorded the accumulation of points begin.


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