How To Beat Casino Slots

You want to know how to beat casino slots. Good luck. Casino slots have your number before you walk into the casino. The casino owner makes sure the odds are against you. There are ways to make your odds better when you play casino slot machines.

  1. Bring a certain amount of money (with you) you are willing to spend. Leave your credit cards at home. Make sure you only spend what you are willing and able to spend.
  2. Go to the front of the casino and find a slot machine on one of the ends. Play the maximum bid (at all times) on the slot machine you chose. This means, you will have to pick a slot machine that fits your budget. Pick a penny, nickel, quarter, or dollar slot machine. Remember, to bet the same amount each time you pull the slot. Try to get the machine to work for you.
  3. The payout is best when you play the maximum bid on slot machines. Continue to sit at the slot machine until your money runs out or you win. Your odds get better the longer you stay at the same slot machine. Once a machine pays, leave the machine. The odds are against you.
  4. Choose your medicine, cash out, or go to another slot machine. Use the same method above. Play the maximum bet on slot machines and leave as soon as you win. You do not have to play the maximum bid, but the maximum bid is where all the bonuses winnings come from. Regardless of your bid, make sure your bid is always the same.
  5. Once you lose your money, leave immediately. You can better your odds slots, but you will not win every time you enter a casino.


  • The casino is there to take your money from you. They make sure the odds are against you



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