How To Beat Electronic Poker

How to beat electronic poker games is a matter of giving yourself every advantage possible. This includes playing the machines with the best odds, as well as knowing good basic strategy. Electronic poker, or video poker as it is more commonly known, is a variation on slot machines that adds a degree of skill instead of solely relying on luck. By using the following tips, a player can quickly learn how to beat electronic poker games.

  1. The first thing to look for  when choosing a video poker machine is one that pays "full odds". The easiest way to locate one of these machines is to look at the payout tables on the individual machine, ignoring any signage around the banks of machines since this can be misleading. A machine that pays full odds will be one that pays 9/6, which is short for nine coins paid for a full house and six coins for a straight based on a single coin bet. Other variations are 8/5 and lower, which are not full pay machines. As a example of the difference, on a 9/6 Jacks or Better game the payout percentage is 99.54% whereas on a 8/5 payout, the percentage drops to 97.30%.
  2. Next, set a gambling budget. The payout percentages are determined on millions of hands played, so it is important that a gambler not go in expecting to make $99.54 for every $100 invested into a game. The budget should allow for long term play.
  3. The other important tip is to play perfect video poker strategy, allowing the odds to be in your favor as much as possible in order to beat the electronic poker machine. There are a number of video poker websites, books, and computer games that allow someone to practice and bone up on perfect strategy before actually risking any money. Many of these games prompt or will answer a query about "What to do?" by providing the perfect strategy for a particular hand. The more practice that is done, the better a gambler is at making the correct decision when real money is on the line.

With the right strategy,and enough time invested before any money is actually put into play the savvy gambler can beat electronic poker games, or at least make the odds as much in their favor as possible.

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