How To Beat Fontaine In Bioshock

Need to know how to beat Fontaine in "Bioshock"? Here, we present to you the easiest way to do so. Overall, beating Fontaine is a little difficult, but if you follow these steps, you probably will be able to beat Fontaine without too much pain.

  1. Use the flame shotgun rounds or the electric shotgun rounds. The flame shotgun rounds are pretty effective against Fontaine. However, if you don't have any, the electric shotgun rounds also work pretty well. However, if you are struggling to save ammo or you were low on ammo in the first place, the next step should help you greatly.
  2. Use telekinesis and proxy mines in conjunction with each other. Use the proxy mines to mine anything that can be thrown with telekinesis. Put three or fourmines, depending on the difficulty, on the object that can be thrown. Now, use telekinesis to throw the mined object at Fontaine. This should weaken Fontaine quite a bit. 
  3. Have the Incinerate! plasmid upgraded to level three if you can. This way, you can always have Fontaine on fire, which will slowly drain his health as the battle rages on.
  4. Strengthen your defenses. It is helpful to use the athletic boost and armored shell tonics if you have them. This will make you a lot more durable and will allow you to move a bit faster as well!
  5. Now, unload everything you have on Fontaine. Use the guns and plasmids you've got. Don't forget to keep your defensive side strong as well. You shouldn't sacrifice health just to score a good hit. Wait for the right chance to strike.
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