How To Beat Full Court Press In Basketball

In order to handle pressure defenses, it is important to learn how to beat the full court press in basketball.  Beating the full court press involves awareness and athleticism, as well as good ball handling skills.  Taking advantage of the full court press in basketball is essential in dealing with popular defenses.

  1. Make quick and smart passes.  Passing the ball is essential in getting the ball up the court.  Cutters should utilize paths both close and far away for the ball handler, in order to give help and to catch the defense unprepared for an easy basket, respectively.
  2. Ball handling is extremely important.  If your team is unable to break a couple of good passes to get up the court, ball handlers must take good care of the ball in order to break the press.  Make sure the best ball handlers are bringing the ball across the court.
  3. Quickness is also essential in breaking the full court press.  The full court press is based on pressure. In some cases the most athletic team will have the best chance to succeed on the offensive or defensive side.  If you have quick players who can take good care of the ball, you will have a great chance at beating the press.
  4. Maintain awareness of teammates.  Teammates should be executing cuts in order to help out the primary ball handler(s).  Maintain awareness as the ball is being advanced up the court.  Quick moves to advance the ball by dribbling and passing are essential, and will ensure that the press is broken.



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