How To Beat Grow Cube

Learn how to beat "Grow Cube," a fun flash game that you can play for free on any web browser. "Grow Cube" is a mini game where you have to choose a specific order of objects in order to get the most points and have the highest level at the end of the sequence. Although it is a fairly simplistic game, the order can be confusing and requires quite a few attempts in order to beat it with a perfect score. By following the instructions below, you will learn exactly what order to choose in order to solve the puzzle with maximum points.

What you will need:

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Web Browser
  • Flash Compatibility
  • Time and Patience
  1. Once you have opened up your web browser and loaded "Grow Cube," you can start learning how to beat it. You will have two columns of objects to click on either side of the grow cube.  You need to pick these objects in the correct order in order to beat the game. Choose the person first, which is located in the right column.
  2. After you have chosen the person in "Grow Cube," click on the puddle of water found in the left column. This will cause you to gain a level and allow you to move on. Next, choose the small seeds found at the bottom of the left column. They are green, yellow and orange, and they will allow you to level up and grow grass on top of the cube.
  3. Now you should choose the bucket found in the right column. This will cause you to level up and allow your plants to grow. Following the bucket should be the glass looking tube right beneath it on the right column. This will gain you additional levels in "Grow Cube" and bring you that much closer to beating the mini game.
  4. Next, you should pick the fire, which will allow your people to begin cooking and gain additional levels and abilities. Following the fire should be the white dish looking object in the left column of objects. Then you should pick the bone. These objects will all give your people additional levels and further the advancement of your cube.
  5. The second to last object you need to pick is the spring found in the right column. This will give you a lot of levels and allow you to finish up by choosing the pink ball. After clicking the pink ball, you will be able to sit back and watch as the cube advances through its final stages and you will have beaten the game with maximum points. Congratulations on beating "Grow Cube"!
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