How To Beat The House Playing Black Jack

Before you can lean how to beat the house playing Blackjack, you need to learn how to bend the statistics to your advantage as much as you can. These tips will help you do just that, but know that if there were a foolproof way to beat the house playing Blackjack, casinos would be out of business.

  1. Pick your game carefully. If you’re going to beat the house playing Blackjack, you need to find a table with player-friendly rules. For example, you’ll never be able to beat the house playing a game that only pays even money on Blackjack. Ideally, you want a table that allows players to double down on any two cards and pays three-to-two on Blackjacks.
  2. Avoid the side bets. Blackjack side bets, like Royal Match, which pays players for cards in the same suit, or Lucky Ladies, where you get a bonus for face cards, are sucker bets. The payoffs may see decent, but statistically the odds are not in your favor. These bets can only help you beat the house playing Blackjack if you are able to track cards. Even if you can track cards and are able to tell when the odds are in your favor, you’re more likely to catch the pit boss’ eye if you keep cashing in on the side bet. It’s not worth the trouble.
  3. Learn and use basic strategy. Basic strategy is your best tool to beat the house. Rules vary slightly depending on how many decks the game uses and the doubling down rules. Pay attention to the details. You can buy little card-sized cheat sheets that spell out what you should do in every instance at online gaming sites.
  4. Count cards. If you’re serious about learning how to beat the house playing Blackjack, you must count cards. There are several strategies use can use, but know ahead of time that casinos frown upon this practice.
  5. Don’t play hunches. Hunches are your enemy if you want to beat the house. Basic strategy and the deck’s count are the only things that should factor into how you play your hand.
  6. Double down. Double downs are where you can really make some money. Whenever basic strategy suggests you double down, find the money to do it. If you miss the opportunity to double your bet when the odds are in your favor, you’ll have a hard time beating the house.
  7. Don’t take insurance or even money. Statistically these are bad bets and a slow drain on your bankroll.
  8. Practice playing Blackjack at home with a real deck, not online. Online gambling sites often deal random cards hand after hand. This isn’t how it works on a real casino Blackjack table, so you need to practice card counting and using basic strategy with a real deck.
  9. Don’t drink. Booze dulls the senses and you need to be alert if you want to beat the house.
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