How To Beat Jack Of Blades In Fable

As the toughest villain in the game, figuring out how to beat Jack of Blades in Fable can be a real time sink. If you know what's coming, you'll even the odds, and maybe get a shot at grabbing the Sword of Aeons.

You will need:

  • Xbox console
  • Fable
  • Save data with the final Quest Card available
  1. Prepare before the battle. You'll definitely need some health potions. Buy some will potions too if magic is your primary ability. Several of each are enough to keep you on your feet during the battle.
  2. Defeat the summoned minions. Jack of Blades starts the battle in an impenetrable force field, and summons minions to fight you. The shield will drop when the minions are dead, so focus on these lesser enemies. They use melee and ranged weapons, and try to use their numbers against you. Keep mobile to avoid hits from multiple sides, and use your strongest tier of attacks against them. When they fall, Jack comes out of the force field and engages you directly.
  3. Duel Jack of Blades. This section is easiest with melee attacks, but anything will work. Roll to the side or around Jack of Blades to dodge each of his sweeping attacks, and then charge closer. Chaining Jack in melee combos makes him unable to attack you as often. When Jack loses more than half of his health, he retreats to the center of the room and hovers there.
  4. Use ranged attacks when Jack levitates. Jack of Blades will stay in the center of the room and fire ranged attacks down at you. It is possible to dodge his attacks with rolls, but easier to hide behind the pillars of rock. After Jack attacks, leave cover long enough for a bow-shot or brief magical counterattack. Warning: Don't stay in the open for too long, it only takes one or two hits from Jack's most powerful attack to finish you off.

Beaten, Jack crumbles into dust, leaving you with the Sword of Aeons. If you defeat Jack of Blades, you receive a trophy of his mask.

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