How To Beat Kareem In Midnight Club Street Racing

Need to know how to beat Kareem in Midnight Club: Street Racing? Maybe you’ve attempted racing against Kareem a thousand times with nothing to show for it, and now you’re in desperate need of advice to beat him in Midnight Club: Street Racing. It really does seem that Kareem is a bit obnoxiously fast in Midnight Club: Street Racing, but there are some simple guidelines you can follow to leave him in the dust. You’ll be advancing on to London in no time!

  1. Study Kareem’s route. In Midnight Club: Street Racing, Kareem takes a specific route every time, so just spend a few games watching his every move. It really helps to emboss his route in your brain because you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to manipulate it.
  2. You’ll want to use the car with the nitrous. You can use the nitrous to your advantage when first starting out. When the race begins, use two to three boosts of nitrous to literally ram him and cause him to crash into something. If you want to beat Kareem in Midnight Club: Street Racing, you’ve got to play dirty. Now that you’re ahead, you can easily take the route that he normally does since you memorized it.
  3. Once you’ve rammed Kareem, he will slow down, obviously. He will also become very inconsistent with his movements and begin ramming others as well. This buys you time to speed ahead and leave him behind!
  4. Once you’ve made it towards the end and you’re winning, be careful. It’s important to be cautious about your movements toward the end because you will eventually have to drive through a very narrow alleyway. It is extremely easy to crash during this part, so be extremely careful, and don’t make careless movements.
  5. Cross the finish line! Once you’ve successfully beat Kareem in Midnight Club: Street Racing, you will be able to move ahead to London, and Kareem will be the least of your worries.
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