How To Beat Level 23 On Stronghold Crusader

If you're stuck battling aggressive soldiers known as the Rats, you'll need to know how to beat level 23 on "Stronghold Crusader" if you want to progress any farther. The Rats are vicious, but with the proper defenses, lots of money, and strong attack units, you can capture  their castle and drive them out for good. No need to hope luck is on your side; good strategy in "Stronghold Crusader" will help you produce everything you need.

  1. Set up your town. Start with two or three iron mines and two to three quarries set up in the mountains. Wait for them to start production and gather as much as you can hold from these. Buy 250 units of wood and spend the rest of your money on food. You can't have your town starving to death if you want to beat level 23 in "Stronghold Crusader." Next, set up your town with one of each necessary building, such as a marketplace, an inn, an armory, a barrack, and the other key suppliers to keeping the town happy. Make sure to set up a brewery as this is essential to earning more money.
  2. Start raking in profits. Wait for the brewery to do its thing and then raise tax rates to 5%. You'll gain more money and can fund the massive army and supply purchases you need to defeat the Rats. "Stronghold Crusader" is part attack, part strategy. Rush in before collecting the proper supplies for battle will only spell defeat.
  3. Build your defenses. Start with towers along the Southwest and arm them with archers on top and soldiers on the ground. After the first wave of attacks rolls through, build a wall around your city for extra protection. Throw up more towers or add more troops if you struggled with the first attack. Continue selling items and collecting money to feed your town and reinforce your army. Money is key in "Stronghold Crusader," and if you want to survive level 23 you'll need plenty of it.
  4. Storm the castle. Once you've got about 50 archers and four or five units to send with them, move your troops out—leaving some behind to defend the city, of course—and head for the enemy castle. You'll run into opposition along the way, but your units can handle it. Take the castle and you'll beat level 23 on "Stronghold Crusader."
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