How To Beat Megaman Starforce 3 Black Ace

Want to know how to beat Megaman Starforce 3 Black Ace? While it may not be entirely what you are used to in a Megaman game, Megaman Starforce 3: Black Ace can still be a very difficult game to beat. This is because the final boss, the Crimson Dragon, is far and away the most difficult boss in the game. As he should be, considering he is the very last one and all. With a bit of creative strategy, however, you will be able to slay the Crimson Dragon and conquer Megaman Starforce 3 once and for all.

  1. This fight may "drag on," hah! The Crimson Dragon is well equipped to give you problems. Whether it be his constant projectile firing, or the fact that if you get to close to his head he will make sure to bite you, or his vicious claw swipes, you will probably have to think quick to get through it. Make sure you dodge side to side anytime he tries to swipe you in order to avoid a hot dose of claws. In fact, in the very early goings of the fight he will hit you with early in the battle, so make sure you use your shield at the very last second to avoid damage. As things wind down, he will shoot a whole lot of heads at you, which you can either dodge or shield depending on your preference, although you will probably still get damaged.
  2. Be offensive! Don't get frustrated early on in the battle, the Crimson Dragon won't begin to take damage until you crack open his core with attacks. As soon as its exposed, make sure to use some powerful chip attacks to dole out some punishment.
  3. The Joker. No, not the Batman villain- at some point in the battle, the odds are you will hit 200% noise and be able to access Red Joker. As soon as you get the chance, do that. His buster does enormous amounts of damage and can take a lot out of the Dragon, especially if you have some powerful chips. After you hit him with everything you have, there is one last battle against him after a cutscene, but it is nothing to worry about at that point. Congrats!
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