How To Beat Pandemic 2

Want to know how to beat "Pandemic 2"? "Pandemic 2" is an online flash game in which players take the role of a disease, with the goal of spreading in order to wipe out the entire human race. Players can chose to be either a parasite, a virus, or bacteria in order to grow and thus, destroy humanity.

In order to beat "Pandemic 2", you will need:

  • a computer
  • an Internet connection
  • an online gaming website that features "Pandemic 2".
  1. First, read the instructions for game play. This is especially helpful if you have never played the original game or that of its sequel.
  2. Chose what type of disease you want to be. Your choices are a virus, parasite, or bacteria. Both virus and bacteria spread quicker and gain points faster, but parasite is the easiest to stay under the radar and thus not get caught.
  3. Stay under the radar. This is very important, as the longer you remain undetected (and ultimately, uncured) the more areas and people you are able to hit. As mentioned, parasite is the easiest to use in this, but this can be done with the other options.
  4. Don't over infect your home country. As with any pandemic, you will start in a country of choice. Make sure not to completely or over infect your home country; if you do, the surrounding countries will close off borders, meaning they have blocked you from getting in.
  5. Sell symptoms, as you want yourself to look like a common, household element, such as a cold or flu. Remove and sell any symptoms that may register as a red flag to health care officials.
  6. Watch your resistance levels. Build up the level resistance, but don't move on to level 2 just yet. Again, you want to mask yourself as an ordinary run of the mill type infliction, which will allow you to cover more ground while being disguised and staying low.
  7. Patience and Points. The thing with "Pandemic 2" is to be patient, though with the fast mode, you can have time move quicker than the normal speed. Ultimately, you want to build up points, while keeping your home country victims relatively low at first. Again, this is to remain undetected so that countries do not close borders to you.

Knowing how to beat "Pandemic 2" won't be a quick achievement, but with strategy, time, and skill, you will be able to achieve the ultimate goal—that of total human destruction.

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