How To Beat Payday For Ray Mission In GTA 3

"Grand Theft Auto 3" lets you play as a criminal who has to complete various missions throughout the city, so when you find yourself asked to payoff a certain informant, you need to learn how to beat the "Payday for Ray" mission in GTA 3. Asuka Kasen wants you to present a paycheck to Ray, a corrupt officer working for the LCPD, in a GTA 3 mission called "Payday for Ray." Ray is, obviously, a little scared about being connected to the Yakuza, so he had you go from payphone to payphone spread across the GTA 3 map before you get his actual location. In order to beat the "Payday for Ray" mission in GTA 3, you'll need to visit each payphone and get to Ray within three and a half minutes. Based on how far apart on the GTA 3 map these locations are, this is a touch task indeed.

  1. Immediately jump into the car outside of Asuka's place. The three and a half minute timer starts running as soon as you exit the house. Your first location will be in Torrington.
  2. Drive forward and then veer slightly to the right to go under a bridge. Take the first left that you come to. Continue down this path until you see the payphone as a blue dot on your GTA 3 minimap. Get out of the car and answer the phone. A disguised voice will direct your to West Belleville Park.
  3. Travel back down the road you came up on and make a left at one of the cross streets. Take a right when you can see the blue dot on your map and approach the pay phone. The voice will now direct you to Liberty Campus.
  4. Continue heading north on the road you were traveling on. Take a right when the road ends. The phone is located in the middle of a square that is mostly surrounded by buildings. Answer the phone and it will direct you to South Belleville Park.
  5. Exit the square and head south. Veer slightly to the right and the road will take you directly to the last pay phone. The voice will tell you to meet him in the toilet block in the park.
  6. Go across the street, to the park directly north of the last payphone. There is a recessed area with restrooms in the middle of the park. Enter the open restroom door, and you have completed the "Payday for Ray" mission in GTA 3.
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