How To Beat Poker Academy Pro 2

Sick of spending hours on a game you can't seem to beat and want to learn how to beat Poker Academy Pro 2? It's quite simple to beat Poker Academy 2. All you have to do is print out this guide and place it right next to you when you are playing the game. You are going to need a little patience, after all, this is poker we are talking about. Now, let's get started.

  1. The first step to beating Poker Academy 2 is to play good pocket cards. Examples of this include Ace King, Ace Jack, Ace Queen and pocket pairs. Do not play connector cards (examples of this would be 4 or 5) or cards that are in the same suit. Mo,st of the time the computer is going to win.

  2. The second step to beating Poker Academy 2 is to always save before going all in. That way, if you know you are going to use hit alt F4, you will not lose any of your chips. You will start the game from your last save point and know not to go all in.

  3. The third and final step to beating Poker Academy 2 is to take breaks and try to have fun. Unlike playing poker in real life, you have no one to talk to and that can get boring. So, take a break and take that special someone out or just flat out get out of the house. Before you know it, if you follow these steps, you will be beating Poker Academy 2.


Congratulations! You now know how to beat Poker Academy 2.

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