How To Beat Reunion Level On Uncharted 2

If you're seeking to find out out how to beat Reunion level on Uncharted two, then you may come to find this guide to be very helpful in your efforts. In Level 23: Reunion of the Playstation three game "Uncharted two: Among Thieves," you will encounter much opposition and many challenges throughout the level, enough to keep you on your tippy toes. You'll be juggling many weapons, defeating enemies, jumping across many rooftops, as well as solving puzzles.

  1. Reunion Level, Pt. 1. Grenade and shoot all of Lazarevic's men in your sights. Head upstairs, taking cover from more baddies. Use your RPG first then a combination of your DE or M4 to finish the rest. Go with Elena through the open doorway on the second floor. Use melee on the baddie, go upstairs opposite your walkway to a pair of red doors.
  2. Reunion Level, Pt 2. Jump to the rope in the center. Adjust your swinging until you land on the wooden platform to the right. Use your stealth to melee one baddie and shoot the other.
  3. Reunion Level, Pt. 3. Head through the doorway then through the large hole in the wall. Jump down to the walkway, head downstairs, climb the ladder, and kill the guard. Climb the white bricks to your left, jump on the ledge above the doorway, shimmy over, jump to another ledge and follow it around to some bars, then swing over to the opposite platform.
  4. Reunion Level, Pt. 4. Climb the platform, kill the baddies, drop to the previous roof then down to the ground. Use stealth plus the M32 Hammer to take out the sentries, head up the double staircase towards the back. Enter an alleyway at the top, bear right near the end, and use the crank to open up the gateway.
  5. Reunion Level, Pt 5. Jump down and proceed forward. Go through the opening next to the ladder, grab the RPG and equip your Hammer to take out the bad guys in here. Next, kill the guys on the roof then head back to the ladder, climb up, jump to the red bricks and then to the platform in the corner. Go through the window above the stairs. Go up another set of stairs to another roof, climb the stones, jump to the red ledge beneath the windows and shimmy across to a platform, past Lezarevic's men.
  6. Reunion Level, Pt. 6. Climb back up and continue to the red overhead bars. Swing over to the very last one, shimmy to the window and climb up. Proceed to the opposite side and hop on the platform. Climb the dressers and then climb up the stones on the wall so you can pull yourself inside the tower. 
  7. Reunion Level, Pt. 7. Find the mural drawings in Drake's journal. Place the 4 bronzes on the ground with the murals in the following order: Bowl – Air – Tiger; Triangle – Fire – Bird; Sphere – Water – Snake; and Cube – Earth – Lion. Next, match up the color symbols: Tiger = Green, Bird = Red, Snake = White, and Lion = Gold. Stick your dagger in the device that rises up in the center afterward and climb up the entrance.
  8. Reunion Level, Pt 8. Go right on the roof and use the zip-line near the edge. Jump the gap, head left upstairs, jump another gap, and take out the guards. Climb the ladder in the corner, kill the RPG, take the weapon and kill the armored baddie below. Find cover on your left and waste all the enemies that pour in. Afterward, climb up the wooden platform and eliminate the turret gunner. 
  9. Reunion Level, Pt. 9. Join Elena at the secret entrance. Jump to the platform then to the ladder beneath, take cover below as you wait for the enemies above to pass. Use a grenade and collect the Riot Shield. Go upstairs, kill the baddies with your M4 or SAS, climb the rope in the corner, and go downstairs to the entrance with Elena. Turn away from the corpses, head down either adjacent staircase, go to the door and wait for Elena so you can open it for her.
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