How To Beat Sensei Without A Black Belt

Learning how to beat the sensei without a black belt on hand is not as hard as you think that it is. Sure, there are a lot of people who are out there who will tell you that you need to have the black belt in order to crush the sensei in combat but they are dead wrong. Yes, having a black belt does make beating the sensei a lot easier, but anyone can beat the Sensei if they are willing to put in the time and energy to do it. So, without any further ado lets get you into combat and get that sensei defeated without a black belt!

  1. Get thee to the Dojo. Be sure that you have at least the started deck on hand, but the more card options that you have the better. You do not even need to waste time with the other levels if you are willing to put in the extra rounds with the sensei.
  2. Challenge the sensei. You will lose this first time because his game will be flawless. Do not leave the dojo after the match. Do not start another game. Do not turn off your system.
  3. Challenge him again. Lose. Keep doing it over and over. You need to wait for him to tire out and start to make mistakes. This should occur somewhere between round six through ten.
  4. Play well. The specifics will depend on your game, so just keep playing with all of your focus, whether you have a black belt or not.

Eventually you will beat him. The more rounds you go, the more mistakes he will make. Just be aware that you will not become a ninja when you beat him if you are not a black belt.

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