How To Beat A Trap Full Court Press

In order to handle a popular press defense, you must learn how to beat a trap full court press as a team.  It will take a level of awareness and athleticism, but it is not all that difficult to expose the weaknesses of the trap full court press.  Practice these steps to overcoming the defense.

  1. Inbound the ball towards the center of the floor.  The trap defense does just that: traps.  Don't go to the sideline unless you are confident that you will be able to break the press.
  2. Utilize the in bounds passer when needed.  The player who inbounds the ball is able to step in and help with the press.  Take advantage of this when needed.
  3. Athleticism and awareness in the back court.  The two or three players in the back court must make quick decisions and quick moves.  Fast passes couple with quick moves to advance the ball will succeed.
  4. Cuts to and from the basketball.  Players should be able to cut to help out in bringing the ball up the floor.  However, never underestimate the value of breaking towards the basket (away from the ball).  If the defender is denying the pass, a quick cut to the basket could result in an easy deuce for the stretched out defense.
  5. Communication is key.  There is only so much to say regarding breaking a trapping full court press.  That is, when a player is double-teamed, someone is open.  Find the open man by communication, where the ball handler will be able to sense where his or her open teammates are located.
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