How To Beat Uncharted 2

Need to know how to beat Uncharted 2? If you are interested in beating your games, one of the harder ones you'll need to beat is Uncharted 2. It isn’t too hard of a game if you’re just looking to play through the story, depending on your difficulty choice and skill level.

To beat Uncharted 2, you will need:

  • A fair amount of skill
  • About ten hours of free time (not all at once)
  1. The first thing you are going to do is start Uncharted 2. You will need to create a new profile and also choose the difficulty. If you are a very experienced gamer, then you may want to go with hard or crushing, but know that these difficulties will make it very hard to beat the game if you are pretty new to the whole scene and Uncharted 2 is one of your first games.
  2. After you have started your new profile in Uncharted 2, you will want to start playing through some of the levels. Since this is a third-person shooter, you will need to remember things like always keeping an eye out for better weapons and ammo. Most of the levels are pretty straightforward, things like going to a checkpoint, and there isn’t too much necessary exploring unless you want to collect everything. If you are new to video games and you die a lot, you will normally restart considerably closer to where you died than in other games where checkpoints are scarce. Some of the levels will be more difficult than others; for example, the train level is a little harder than the many levels where you are running through a town because you are in close quarters and have to be much more cautious about running out!
  3. If you ever get seriously stuck on a level, go back and hone your skills. Since it is sometimes a skill issue that gets you stuck at one point in the game, going back to an earlier, easier level and playing through it might help you to beat Uncharted 2 with less hassle. You can also find things to upgrade your weapons and skills so that the game is easier. Some skills you will want to hone include doing the quick time events, and aiming your weapon. A good example of a quick time event to practice on is when the truck starts chasing you early in the game, you have have to tap a certain button to run faster and then hit another button to dodge, and so on.
  4. Finish Uncharted 2! Once you get the gameplay down, you'll fly through the 25 or so chapters, and be well on your way to being a multiplayer prodigy!
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