How To Beat Wesker In Resident Evil 5

You cannot beat the fifth game in the "Resident Evil" series until you know how to beat Wesker in "Resident Evil 5." This is the final boss battle and is far more difficult than any of the other battles. Of course, with the right tactics, it is fairly easy to beat Wesker.

To beat Wesker in Resident Evil 5, you will need:

  • A gaming console
  • "Resident Evil 5"
  1. When you start, you will be on a ship. After the cutscene, completely ignore Wesker and run towards the northeast section of the map. You will find a switch that turns off all the lights which you should flip. This will give you the upper hand, as it will be difficult for Wesker to find you or react to your shots in the dark.
  2. Continue going clockwise around the ship and switching off the remaining lights using the procedure in step one. Stay alert and avoid any attacks from Wesker.
  3. When you reach the northeast section of the ship, you will notice a glass case with a rocket launcher in it. Smash the glass using your melee hit and take the RPG-7 NVS rocket launcher. This is what you will be using during the first part of the battle. 
  4. Now that you are equipped with your rocket launcher, find a good place to target Wesker. It is best to head to one of the areas on the ship where you turned the lights off. If he comes close, run away and find a different place to target him from. Don't let him get too close because his melee hits are particularly deadly, but they can be dodged by a quick time event (QTE). If Wesker jumps atop a certain elevated platform, you should immediately hide because he is going to throw a rocket at you–which means instant death if it connects.
  5. Now that you have found a good location and have targeted Wesker, shoot him with a rocket launcher. If done correctly, he should grab the rocket before it hits him. Simply use your handgun to shoot the rocket launcher and it'll explode, causing him damage. If you run out of rocket launcher shells, head upstairs where you will find a case with more ammo.
  6. After hitting Wesker with a few rounds of the rocket launcher, he will fall to the ground. Rush up to him and press the prompted button to inject him with the virus. This concludes part one of the boss battle.
  7. After the cutscene, you will find yourself on a volcano surrounded by molten lava. When the battle begins, run away from Wesker, which will separate Chris and Sheva. This part requires teamwork to do correctly. Wesker will alternate between chasing Chris (during which Sheva should shoot at Wesker's "weak spot") and chasing Sheva (during which Chris should shoot Wesker's "weak spot"). A short cutscene will show a boulder Chris will need to move. Once you move it, Chris and Sheva are reunited once more.
  8. The final part of the battle. The key to this part is to having your partner shoot as Wesker's weak spot on his back and chest. To trigger the weak spot on his chest, someone will need to shoot a few rounds into his head, which will cause his weak spot to be exposed. Shoot at the weak spot enough and you will successfully beat Wesker, prompting a cutscene.
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