How To Beat A Workplace Bully

Everyone knows someone who's asked for advice on how to beat a workplace bully. It can be tough to beat a workplace bully. Workplace bullies can create a tense environment, lead to you lose your cool on the job, and cause you to respond in ways that may jeopardize your professional reputation. While you should never tolerate bullying in the workplace, beat a workplace bully by being the bigger man. Behave professionally and take the proper steps to stopping the bully’s unprofessional behavior.

  1. Response firmly, but don’t bully back. It’s almost always counterproductive to try to beat a workplace bully at his own game. When your co-worker tries his intimidation tactics, don’t back down. Talk to him firmly, using a professional language and tone.
  2. Confront the behavior directly. One of the most effective ways to beat a workplace bully is to call him out on his attitude. Tell him that you will not tolerate be demeaned, harassed, or intimidated.
  3. Detail the incidents in writing. Each time you have a confrontation with the workplace bully, note the time and place it occurred and document exactly how the situation went down.
  4. Beat a workplace bully using the proper channels. If your workplace bully does not back down after you confront him, go to your supervisor. Provide her with your notes on the bullying situations and describe the effect the bully is having on your professional performance.
  5. Consult an attorney. If your boss refuses to address his inappropriate behavior, talk to an employment lawyer about your rights. Sometimes, involving the legal system is the only effective way to beat a workplace bully.
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