How To Become The Best Lover In Bed

Have you ever wondered how to become the best lover in bed? Every man wants to possess the qualities of a great lover. When you know how to connect with your lover and satisfy her while taking care of your needs, you will be the best lover in bed. The danger is that once the word gets out about your sexual prowess, women won't be able to resist you, so watch out!

Refine your technique. The first step to becoming the best lover in bed is about refining your technique. Each of us has special sexual interests and passions. We also have our ways of expressing those things. This is your special technique, so be keen on honing your skills. Are you a good kisser? Great! Maybe you are good at touch and massage. (Women dig this, so be sure to utilize the skill.) Whatever you are good at, get better. If you're lacking in an area, practice makes perfect. Remember that great lovers are rarely born. The majority of the best lovers in bed are made.

Learn to listen. When you want to become the best lover in bed, you will learn to listen to your partner's needs. One of the most important components of becoming the best lover in bed is keeping your ears open. Every woman is different. When you're with a new partner, take your time, no matter how hot the sex is. This doesn't mean slowing foreplay and intercourse to a crawl, it means not rushing because you're ready to get some. What a woman says, her facial expressions, the sounds she makes, and how her body moves and feels speaks volumes if you're tuned in.

Girls go first. The Golden Rule of how to become the best lover in bed is that girls go first. Always. The hallmark of a great lover is putting your girl's needs before your own. Women take longer to get started than men. Foreplay is important to stoke the fire within her. Also, her orgasm is more important than yours! Keep this in mind and you will become the best lover in bed.

Forget about porn. If you watch porn, keep several things in mind. First of all, porn is there to excite and entice. It's rarely about a love story or great sexual technique. If you think watching porn will make you become the best lover in bed, forget it. You might learn a few things about anatomy or exotic positions, but you won't learn how to please a girl. See porn for what it is and enjoy it, but don't use it to help you become the best lover in bed.

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