How To Become A Better Baseball Catcher

If you play the catcher position, you need to be constantly learning how to become a better baseball catcher.  There are a number of defensive areas to focus on as a catcher, and of course time should be spent on offensive skills and conditioning as well.  With these tips and time and effort, you will eventually become a better baseball catcher.

  1. Reaction time behind the plate is crucial in defense.  A catcher is responsible for keeping the ball safe, even in the case of a wild pitch.  Practice stopping some truly awful pitches; see if your pitcher will do this occasionally in practice.  Additionally, practice getting out of your crouch to react to a bunt or a stealing attempt.  Quick reactions on defense can transform you as a catcher.
  2. Develop a powerful arm to pick off base runners.  Power and accuracy are important for catchers, obviously.  Take time developing your ability to throw out base runners from the steal or the bunt as well as normal situations.
  3. Practice blocking the plate.  Another large defensive area for catchers to work on is being able to block the plate on a close play.  While these don't happen often, you must be prepared, as these can be some of the most important plays in a baseball game. 
  4. Play to your strengths offensively.  Take some time harnessing your offensive skill set.  Make sure you can do the little things, like lay down the sacrifice bunt and make contact for the hit and run.  Develop contact and power hitting skills according to the role you play on your baseball team's lineup.
  5. Condition.  In addition to offense and defensive skills, make sure you work on conditioning. Increased speed, agility, and stamina will make you a better athlete and catcher.
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