How To Become A Better Running Back In Flag Football

Learning how to become a better flag football running back is easy. The challenge comes with spending the time and effort needed to improve. Improving your game means spending time working on conditioning and football skills. Following these strategies will help you take the next step and become a better running back in flag football.

  1. Improve your physical skills. Flag football requires minimal physical contact, so having big muscles is not as important as having agility, quickness and speed. Being fast is important, but as a running back you will gain the most yardage by avoiding tacklers near the line of scrimmage. In your workouts, focus on drills that improve your lateral quickness, acceleration and change of direction. 
  2. Become a good receiver. Even though a running back's job is to carry the ball, becoming a better flag football running back means one of your greatest benefits to the team is developing skill as a receiver. Practice catching passes from your quarterback just as often as the receivers. This will help build your confidence in this role. Remember to catch the ball with your hands, away from your body, and secure it tightly before running downfield
  3. Develop timing with your quarterback. When you run a pass route out of the backfield, you can take advantage of open areas of the field. By working with your quarterback on these underneath routes, you can effectively put your running skills to use by catching passes in open areas of the field.
  4. Practice handoffs with your quarterback. Handoffs may seem simple, but a poor football exchange between quarterback and running back can lead to a bad play or even a fumble. Work with your quarterback on handoffs, emphasizing footwork and ball placement. Taking handoffs should become natural to you through practice, and that comfort level will help maximize the effectiveness of your running plays in game situations.
  5. Help block blitzing defenders. If blitzing is allowed in your league, your quarterback may occasionally be under threat of being sacked by the defense. This can happen if there are no open receivers downfield, or if you are facing a particularly skilled pass rusher. If your quarterback is in danger of being sacked, step in to block, or at least get in their way to buy your quarterback some time to complete a pass. 

Even a modest increase in effort on the practice field can help you become a better running back in flag football. Remember that flag football is a team sport, and that any effort you make to improve your game helps the team as well.


You can help yourself become a better running back in flag football by using internet searches and books to find drills or videos that will inform you on various ways to improve your skills.


Be careful not to over-train. You must know your limitations and allow adequate rest between workouts.

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