How To Become A Black Belt

Have you ever wondered how to become a black belt in martial arts?  This rank is a very coveted status and in some martial arts styles it can take up to ten years to earn a black belt. One common question that non martial artists ask is, "how do you become a black belt?"  Depending on the person asked there will be varying results, but for the most part the answer is the same. 

To become a black belt in martial arts you will need to:

  • Find a school that you feel will meet your needs
  • Learn the techniques set out by the instructor
  • Test for each rank
  • Work hard to become a good marital artist
  1. To become a black belt you must first find a style of martial arts to train in. This style could be karate, taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, etc. Once you have found a school you are interested in you need to do the research on it. The path to black belt takes many years and you don't want to be spending time and money at a school that does not meet your needs.  
  2. The next step in becoming a black belt is to train and learn as much as you can. Since black belt status can take many years to achieve you want to spend this time studying and perfecting your techniques. You need to spend time practicing, not only in the dojo, but also at your home.
  3. The final step that people often overlook on their path to black belt is studying about other martial arts and helping other students learn. It is very important to study as much as you can about all styles of martial arts (besides your own). Being a black belt means that not only can you perform the techniques, but you also have the knowledge to go along with the techniques. Once you have acquired this knowledge you need to pass it along to other students, no matter their rank.  A good black belt wants to help others learn and become a black belt as well.

The path to black belt can be a long journey, but it is also a very fun one too.

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