How To Become A Body Piercer

Before you can pierce someone's body professionally, you need to learn the proper techniques to know how to become a body piercer. That includes knowing both the actual piercing process along with the techniques that will help to keep you and your client safe. Like tattoos, body piercings were once considered taboo but are now becoming more and more common around the globe. Be sure to check with your state's requirements for working as a professional body piercer.

  1. Locate body piercing shops. Use the internet or yellow pages to find local body piercing shops or tattoo parlors that also do body piercings.
  2. Ask about apprenticeships. Some shops will offer apprenticeships where you can work closely with a professional body piercer for a certain amount of time to learn all of the important aspects of body piercing.
  3. Work as an apprentice or trainee. Commit to a program of at least 3 months time in order to learn the ins and outs of body piercing, including proper technique and safety concerns.
  4. Wear disposable gloves and use sterile equipment. It’s imperative to operate in the cleanest way possible in order to avoid cross contamination and other safety issues that could arise.
  5. Learn about the body piercing business. During your training or apprenticeship, observe how the business is run, including how customers are treated, troubleshooting, proper care after a piercing, hygiene, jewelry quality and size.
  6. Enroll in a bloodborne pathogen class. Be sure the class is compliant with OSHA.
  7. Attend a reputable body piercing seminar. Seminars may provide information that cover all aspects of body piercing, including anatomy which is a requirement in some states in order to become a professional body piercer.
  8. Join the Association of Professional Piercers. There are a number of benefits to becoming a member of the APP, the most important being the credibility to work as a body piercing professional.


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