How To Become A Bodybuilder

Need to know how to become a bodybuilder? This is assuming that you are newcomer to the world of bodybuilding, and not looking to get an agent any time soon. That being said, there is no perfect bodybuilding regimen that will get you a new body in weeks' time. It is a long, arduous process that takes dedication and heart. It is also a process that comes with great rewards, pride and other benefits (“You ladies want a ticket to the gun show?”). Here are some solid suggestions to help you get started as a bodybuilder.

  1. Compound exercises. These exercises are a good start for a bodybuilder. They are the only way to build a muscle foundation throughout your entire body, and keep it. Exercises include squats, overhead presses, dead lifts, pull-ups, dips and variations of each.
  2. Food. No, you don’t need to cut anything out; you need to eat more! When doing heavy excises like these your body needs more fuel to burn. This means protein. Lean chicken, beef, fish, nuts and other natural forms of protein are a great way for a bodybuilder to bulk up his diet without fattening it.
  3. Supplements. Once again, protein is key here. Most people will agree that 100% whey protein is a fundamental component of any bodybuilder's diet. This is usually taken post-workout. As for pre-workout, there are a number of products on the market that will help you get the most out of your workout, allowing you to sharpen your performance.
  4. Cardio. If you’re serious about becoming a bodybuilder, you won’t get anywhere with a gut and love handles. Running, swimming and cycling are all great ways to give a nice, cut look to your new muscles. A cycle or elliptical machine will help for those days with heavy leg work.
  5. Regimen. Establishing a regimen and routine is vital to any beginner bodybuilder. This makes sure that you’re working your body out evenly, and giving proper sections rest. A good rule of thumb is allowing at least a day’s rest for each muscle group.

As always, consult with a doctor or medical professional before starting any heavy-lifting program. Know your limits. Working out with a partner is not only fun, but also safe. Challenge each other and see who can get better results. Research workout routines online and tailor one to yourself. Remember what Einstein said: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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