How To Become A Bodyguard

So, you need to find out how to become a bodyguard? What does a bodyguard do? A bodyguard is a person that works to protect another person(s). Bodyguards have different levels of experience and skills. Some will work for celebrities or corporate executives and some work for politicians. You can expect to make between $200.00 to $700.00 dollars a day depending on what type of contract you have with the client. The more experience you have, the more money you can make, and this type of work may require you to work in any country.

  1. STtudy and read books and publications about how to become a bodyguard. Use the internet as a resource to help you get information about becoming a bodyguard. Graduate from high school or obtain a GED. Improve your chances by getting a four-year degree at a college and make sure your degree is closely related to the law enforcement field of study.
  2. Get training to help you become a bodyguard. Try to attend a bodyguard training school and complete all the training. Develop a personal body conditioning program for yourself to keep you in shape. Learn how to use a firearm by attending a firearms training program conducted by a police department for the public so that you will be able to protect you and your clients. Take defensive driving courses to improve your driving skills so that you will be able to get your clients safely to their designated location and get them away from the bad guys.
  3. Join a bodyguard organization to continue your training and improve your skills. Apply for bodyguard jobs and submit your resume and cover letter to bodyguard companies to find work as a bodyguard. Continue this process and you will become a bodyguard. You may have to accept a position as a security guard until you can find the job you want. Keep trying, because the opportunity to become a bodyguard is a good one.
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