How To Become A Cardiac Nurse

If you're looking to enter a rapidly advancing, rewarding field, perhaps you should look into how to become a cardiac nurse. Cardiac nurses provide direct care and support to patients with cardiac and vascular problems. They work under the supervision of a physician or other licensed health care provider, and may even assist in cardiac surgical procedures. Cardiac nurses should have alert, calm, and caring demeanors, as well as a solid educational background.

  1. Get the proper education. Cardiac nurses are usually registered nurses who hold either an associate or bachelor degree, although some licensed practical nurses may work in cardiology. Prospective nursing students who want to become a cardiac nurse should have a strong background in microbiology, chemistry, radiology, and anatomy/physiology.
  2. Gain experience. Newly graduated nurses who want to become a cardiac nurse may very well find a position in telemetry, but some positions require at least six months of experience in the field. Try to gain experience in telemetry, if you don't already have it, prior to applying for telemetry position. This experience could be from tech assistant work on the floor, or even volunteer work.
  3. Advance your education. Having an RN license and experience will get you into the door, but due to the nature of telemetry it is important to stay current on telemetry nursing theory and technological advancements in the field. Nurses in all specialties are required to obtain continuing education credits throughout their career. Those looking into how to become a cardiac nurse may also want to think about how they plan to advance their education. Salary ranges don't vary wildly between specialties for those holding an associate or bachelor degree level RN license, however nurses holding advanced practice degrees will see a notable salary increase within the cardiology field.
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