How To Become A Certified Medication Aide

Need to know how to become a certified medication aide? Becoming a certified medication aide can provide an array of opportunities for the successful graduate. Increased job security, flexibility and the opportunity to be employed in a variety of healthcare settings are just some of the benefits associated with this particular vocation. But how does one become a certified medication aide? While the process of becoming a certified medication aide will differ somewhat by state, here is an overview of the steps that should be taken.

  1. Education. To become a certified medication aide, some formal training is required. Vocational schools and community college systems typically offer short-term training programs, and on-the-job training may be available to some individuals. Training to become a medication aide can take as little as six weeks, and online classes may be possible. However, not all of these programs may be accredited. Therefore, the aspiring student should check credentials when considering options.
  2. Prerequisites. To be eligible to become a certified medication aide, certain criteria must typically be met. After selecting the desired program, you must then ensure that you meet the prerequisites. Basic and updated CPR certification is generally mandatory. In addition to this, some employers and learning institutions may also require that you be on that particular state's nurse aide registry. Criminal background checks, drug testing and entrance exams are also often utilized.
  3. Clinical practice .  Clinical rotations are required of the student prior to graduation. The number of clinical hours required can differ depending on the residence of practice and the learning institution. Clinical experience is hands-on practice under the guidance of qualified medical personnel within a healthcare facility. You may be responsible for setting up your own clinical rotations, especially if attending classes online.
  4. The exam. Following successful completion of medication aide courses and clinical hours, state testing is necessary to become a certified medication aide. A fee is typically incurred for the examination and the graduate must obtain a satisfactory score before practicing as a medication aide.


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