How To Become Cricket Umpire

While it may be challenging, there are steps you can take to figure out how to become a cricket umpire. Cricket umpires are responsible for knowing the ins and outs of the game of cricket and making sure the game runs smoothly. In contrast to other sports, the rules are not as easy to pick up and it may take you some time before you are able to develop sufficient knowledge of the game.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Official cricket rule book
  • Application fees
  1. Enroll in an Introduction to Cricket Umpiring course in your region. Hopping on your computer and using a search engine to find the closest cricket umpire training program will probably be your best bet to find a program that will allow you to become a cricket umpire.
  2. Next, you will want to take the Official Cricket Umpiring Course. This course will require four hours of training per week for roughly sixteen weeks, so make sure you have the extra time to become a cricket umpire before diving in head first.
  3. After the 16 weeks, you will then be able to take the U.S. association’s written exam. Pass the written exam to earn your preliminary license.          

Throughout this process, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the game of cricket to understand its intricacies and styles of play. After some time, you will find yourself catching onto the game and becoming enveloped in the passion of it. Remember, once you become a cricket umpire, always call a game fair regardless of what’s at stake. Keeping an even keel and remaining objective should be your goals in any given situation.



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