How To Become A Deacon

When learning how to become a deacon, you must be serious and focused. Considering that a deacon is a church official, only faithful servants of god should be deacons. The qualifications for a deacon are outlined in the Bible. The qualification outline can be found in Timothy 3:1-12.

  1. Have dignity. Be known as a spiritual person among your peers. Gain a respectable reputation in your home, community, and church. As a deacon, you will be seen by many. It is important to show your spiritual qualities.
  2. Do not be double tongued. Lying is unacceptable as a deacon. Do not share false prophecies or make promises that can not be kept. To become a deacon, people have to think of you as trustworthy.
  3. Cannot have addictions. To become a deacon, it is important to have no drug or alcohol dependencies. Church officials like to be thought of as having sober minds.
  4. Not out for personal gain. When trying to become a deacon, you should be showing your willingness to give and sacrifice. Those who are out for personal gain or pleasure are not fit to be a deacon.
  5. Hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience. Deacons are supposed to be able to keep a clear conscience. They should know the word of God and do what is in the word of God.
  6. Prove yourself. The best way to be a deacon is to live like one. Prove yourself by living like a deacon if you are ready to become one. Becoming a deacon is something that should come naturally.
  7. Must have one wife or husband. A deacon should have their love life under control. Having affairs and multiple spouses can show instability. When you become a deacon you will be looked up to. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.
  8. Manage your household properly. You should be close with your spouse and children. A person that does not have productive relationships can not be a deacon. The inability to build close bonds will disqualify you from becoming a deacon.
  9. Practice temperance. Deacons must have the quality of patience. You must be considered a serious and emotionally stable servant of God. Anyone that cannot practice self control would not make a good deacon.
  10. Be faithful in all things. A deacon should be the best at everything they do. They usually complete all tasks full heartedly. To become a deacon, you must first be a reliable servant of God and your church.


Qualifications for Deacons




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