How To Become A DJ At Raves

Figuring out how to become a DJ at raves can be a challenge. There are so many aspiring DJs out there and such a small market for new DJs to enter. Lots of people want to become DJs at huge raves, but they don’t know how to promote themselves. You can become a DJ if you have the skills and are willing to market yourself. DJing is just like any business, you need customers in order to succeed and make a living at it. Getting gigs can be tough and lots of people fail because they have no idea how to promote their skills. You can become a DJ at raves by understanding how to get your name out there so people will want to book.

  1. Create a CD with your best mixes. Make sure your CD reflects your diversity as a DJ. Incorporate different styles that you are good at mixing, but have the main theme be rave type music.  Have your friends listen to it and accept honest criticism. Only put your best work on the CD.
  2. Create a facebook fan page. Add all of your friends and create a logo to be used as your “brand.” Find new people to add to your fan page by searching the music forums. Participate in music discussions.
  3. Upload at least five songs to your fan page. These should be the top five songs from your CD that you made. 
  4. Create multiple copies of your CD and give it out to everyone you know. Offer to DJ parties for free. This will help people find out about you and help you to book real paying gigs. If you can’t DJ for free, accept the gig for really cheap. Most businesses will not return a profit for many years and your new business probably won’t be either. 
  5. Make sure gigs you book have flyers with your name on them. You need the credit in order to get your name out there. 
  6. Sign up for rave forums. Build pages advertising your DJing. Upload your music if you can and promote yourself like crazy. Add every single person you can and encourage them to listen to your music. 
  7. Advertise on Craigslist or any other community forum. List your prices and make sure they are cheap. Add links to your facebook fan page. Update your ad at least every couple days to ensure new people browsing can see your ad. 
  8. Find out which companies are hosting upcoming raves. Contact the owners by sending an email. In the email discuss your interest in DJing for them.  Provide your facebook fan page link and ask for a follow up call. If you can locate the addresses, send out your demo CD.
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