How To Become Evil In Fable 2

The side of good has become stale and boring, you tire of endlessly rescuing townspeople and donating money to every bum you see- it is time to turn to the dark side and learn how to become evil in Fable 2. Not being a goody two shoes has its perks in this game, but becoming truly evil can take some time if you don't know the easiest routes to being feared. So pick up your favorite sword and make sure its sharp, because you are going to be using it a lot on your way to becoming evil in Fable 2.

  1. Sticky fingers. While the "reward" for stealing is low, only 5 points towards your evilness rating, the monetary reward is high. Stealing everything around you will fill your pockets better than your desire to be evil, but every little point still counts. Plus who doesn't want to rob entire towns blind? Good people, that's who.
  2. Marriage is a sacrifice. This is probably the most realistic option- get married often and get divorced just as often. This will drain your coffers, but it will also drain your goodness. Of course, if you aren't really into litigiousness and would rather do things a little bit legally messy (although a lot more generally messy) you can always turn your spouse into the perfect sacrifice. Sacrificing a spouse between 12am and 1am will give you massive gains towards becoming evil. This also works for Temple of Light members, but they are slightly harder to get following you towards their sacrificial destinations.
  3. If it moves, kill it. When it comes to becoming evil in Fable 2, there is possibly nothing more effective than simply laying waste to an entire town. If you are a lower level, make sure you avoid the guards, and try to avoid killing any integral characters too. Other than that, get used to murder because you are going to do it a lot. Simply put on your best armor, get your best weapon, and storm into any populated area you find. Don't worry about depopulating the world though, as most townspeople will eventually respawn after a period of time. This only applies to non integral characters- always make sure you aren't murdering someone in cold blood that you may need to turn in a mission for later. And don't forget to wipe off your blade- it'll get rusty, you evil Fable II player you!
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