How To Become An FBI Agent

Want to learn about how to become an FBI agent? If you want to become an FBI agent, you will need to meet a series of very strict requirements, both professionally and personally. Working for the FBI  involves lots of responsibilities and a lot of stress and pressure, so make sure you have the right personality type before applying for the job. FBI agents also need to be willing to relocate as often as necessary.

  1. Make sure you meet the basic requirements. To become an FBI agent, you need to be between 23 and 37 years old, have a vision no worse than 20/200 in each eye of at least 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in the other, have a four-year bachelor’s degree, and be in good physical condition.

  2. Qualify for entry to one of the FBI’s five Special Agent Entry programs. You need a degree, work experience or expertise in accounting, law, language, computer science, or diversified experience (a mix of different sciences).

  3. Move to Quantico, Virginia. This is the only location where you can join the 20-week training program. The program includes training in firearm use, criminal investigations, intelligence techniques, forensic science and interrogations, among many other subjects.

  4. Pass the fitness test. Before you can become an FBI agent, you need to show that you’re physically capable of completing four tests: sit-ups (for one minute, non-stop), push-ups until muscle failure, 300-meter sprint and a timed 1.5-mile run.
  5. Pass the background check. To be accepted and become a FBI agent, you can’t have any felony convictions or a history of drug use (testing is mandatory). Your credit history will be checked. If you’ve defaulted on your student loans, you will be disqualified from joining the FBI. You must also pass a polygraph test and allow a complete background check.


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