How To Become A Ferrari Mechanic

Need to know how to become a Ferrari mechanic? Well, you will definitely need training to become a Ferrari mechanic. Ferrari was started by Enzu Anselmo Ferrari and he built his first car in 1948. The Ferrari Company sells expensive sports cars to wealthy individuals. Ferrari North America is headquarted in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Take your time and learn what Ferrari mechanics do and you can become a Ferrari mechanic. The task is not easy, but you will be rewarded because every car owner needs a mechanic.

To become a Ferrari mechanic, you will need:

  • Basic tools for repairing Ferrari cars
  • Specialized Ferrari car repair training
  • Constant and up-to-date Ferrari car information
  1. Enroll in an automotive mechanic program to train to be a Ferrari mechanic. Complete the course and receive at least a diploma or degree in automotive technology or a similar field. Note that some Ferrari mechanics have started out by learning on the job.
  2. Volunteer to work for a car repair shop that repairs Ferraris. Learn as much as you can about these cars and what it takes to make them run efficiently by asking the mechanic questions. Interview Ferrari mechanics by phone or in person and find out how they became Ferrari mechanics.
  3. Read books and trade publications. Become a member of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) organization. Obtain the certification and you will improve your chances of becoming a Ferrari mechanic.
  4. Talk to Ferrari mechanics presently employed by the company to help you become a mechanic yourself. Ask the mechanics what type of training programs are available for future Ferrari mechanics at the company. Prepare a resume and a cover letter or have someone do this for you and submit this information to the human resources department and apply for a position as a Ferrari mechanic. Ask for an interview. Follow all the rules and meet all the qualifications and you will become a Ferrari mechanic.


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