How To Become A Filmmaker In 4 Easy Steps

If you dream of being the next Stephen Spielberg soon, then you need to know how to become a filmmaker in 4 easy steps. Let's face it. The road can be long to the Academy Awards, but with these easy steps you can shave off some time.  

  1. The best way to kick off your career in filmmaking is to attend school. Sure you may not want to dedicate the next few years to sitting in a classroom, but enrolling in a film school will show that you are committed to becoming a bona fide filmmaker. Schools such as the American Film Institute offer programs that are designed to give you the best start to your career. While in film school, you will gain a lot of connections that are going to prove valuable in the future.
  2. Once you have successfully graduated out of film school, it's time to head back to the classroom. Enroll in a training program for aspiring filmmakers.  Many assistant director training programs will not only give you the opportunity to create an impressive portfolio, but you will get the opportunity to shadow real filmmakers. Keep a hot espresso and muffin for your mentor and you may find yourself being an assistant to a big name director.
  3. Although directing music videos may not be what you had in mind, they are a great way to start. In order to become a filmmaker, you have to cut your teeth somewhere. Directing music videos and short films will give you the experience that studios are looking for. Some of the best filmmakers in the business today started out filming women in skimpy clothes dancing to music no one but the artist understands.
  4. Not that you have a bit of a reputation, film an indy movie. Independent movies have launched more than a few careers. In fact, most of the big award winners in the last few years have been independent films done on a low budget with a new filmmaker behind the camera. With the right project, you can find yourself in contention with Spielberg and Clint Eastwood. 

Even if it sounds corny, the most important to remember when trying to become a filmmaker is to stay true to you. Overreaching or trying to be someone you are not may have an effect on your filmmaking ability, and a lot of times you only get one shot.

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