How to Become a Football Coach

What football being such a popular sport in the United States, it leaves many people wondering how to become a football coach. There are many levels of football coaching, all the way from coaching kids clear up to being a football coach in the NFL. If a person has no experience coaching football, then they have to start somewhere and a great place to start is becoming a youth football coach. Let's discuss the steps necessary to become a football coach.

  1. Obviously, when learning how to become a football coach, the first step is learning the game of football. Many people that are looking to come a football coach already have this step of the process down. However, if someone does not have good knowledge of the rules of the game of football, there is no better way to learn than watching a game on TV or going to a local high school or college football game. It is good to have someone around that has a vast knowledge of the game around while watching.  
  2. After gaining a good understanding of the game, the next thing is to start learning about play calling and what plays to run in specific situations. Keep an eye on what plays coaches run in certain downs and distances. This is key to being successful as a football coach. If there is a stronger interest in being an offensive coach, then obviously, pay more attention to offensive play calling. The same goes for someone interested in defense. If interested in being the head coach for the entire team then a great understand of offense and defense is necessary.
  3. A great way to get started as a football coach is by being an assistant for a low level football team, such as a youth football team. It is convenient to know someone that coaches a football team that needs help with basic tasks. While doing this, valuable information can be learned and used later on in more advanced coaching situations. An assistant should try to take in as much information as possible from his superiors.

Learning how to coach football is a great opportunity for anyone that enjoys the game of football. There are many levels of football, so coaching can be for a very serious football fan who wants to pursue it as a career, all the way down to someone who just wants to help coach their son's youth football team. The important thing to remember when coaching football is the reason someone is out there coaching, to have fun and enjoy the game they love. If someone decides to learn about how to become a football coach, it can be an extremely fun venture.

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