How To Become A Golf Greens Keeper

Have you ever looked at a golf course and thought, "I want to learn how to become a golf greens keeper?" That's a bit of an odd question, but you're certainly in luck, because you're going to find out exactly what it takes to take care of the lush and beautiful golf courses of your dreams. It might not be the most glamourous of jobs on the golf course, but it's hard not to be proud when you are a greens keeper and have a perfectly taken care of golf course looking at you. Greens keepers have many different duties on the golf course. They are expected to plant the grass, clean up the course, rake the sand, fix divots, change hole positions, and trim trees, bushes, and other decorative plants on the golf course. Greens keepers also repair all benches and other furniture located on the golf course.

  1. Graduate high school. Greens keepers are typically not required to have higher education unless you are seeking a management position. Previous experience with any sort of grounds keeping, or specific familiarity with the equipment used for greens keeping is a plus.
  2. Pass the state mandated exam to gain a license to work in a job using pesticides, The vast majority of states require a license if you are spraying pesticides, and the licensing process consists of an exam.
  3. Go through on-the-job training. This training gets you familiar with the equipment used on a golf course, as well as the maintenance work required to keep the golf course in top condition.
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