How To Become A Gunsmith

Knowing how to become a gunsmith will require you to find out how guns work. For example, you will have to understand what a specific gun is composed of and what materials are used to make the gun. As a gunsmith, you will be modifying, repairing, and rebuilding guns. There are schools in the United States to help you get started on the career path to become a gunsmith, but to be successful, you will have to be able to work with guns accurately and precisely, and small business skills are important if you plan to work for yourself.


  1. Read and study as many books and gunsmith publications as you can about how to become a gunsmith. Use the internet and also start with the National Rifle Association (NRA), because the organization offers information and courses about the profession. Ask a gunsmith in your area or call one to find out how he became a gunsmith and follow his advice. Volunteer to work at a gunsmith shop if you can and learn how the business operates and what the business entails. Think also about entering the military to become a gunsmith specialist.
  2. Decide which type of firearms you would like to learn to help you become a gunsmith. Call several firearm manufacturers to find out what kinds of certification courses are available for repairing their guns. Let the manufactures know that you want to become certified so that you can repair guns for them if and when a gun needs to be repaired. Take your time in the process and consider other areas such as gun engraver, finisher, or custom builder. This process will help you become a gunsmith.




American Gunsmithing Institute

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