How To Become A Hotel Manager

So, you want to know how to become a hotel manager. The hospitality industry can be very fun and profitable. But becoming a hotel manager, like any managerial position, isn't the easiest to get into. The manager has huge responsibilities, assuring that everything operates smoothly and the the guests are happy.

  1. Get a four year degree. The most common degrees of hotel managers are hotel management or restaurant management. Obviously, hotel management would be the better choice if that's your goal. Additional business and management classes are always helpful, because a hotel is ultimately a business.  And the best hotel manager is the one who brings in the greatest profit for the hotel. 
  2. Get experience working in a hotel. You wont be able to jump straight into a managerial position. You will need experience working in non-managerial positions at a hotel prior to becoming a manager. 
  3. Begin looking for job openings. If you have a good relationship with the upper management at the hotel you work in for your lower level job, then it might be easier to get a managerial position with that same hotel. That is if they have an opening. There is a lot of competition for hotel management positions. Search at other hotels though as well, for management openings.
  4. Apply for hotel management jobs. It is important to be prepared for applying too. You might very well get a job offer at a hotel that would require you to relocate. You will have to make the decision whether or not you are willing to relocate for a job, or how far you are willing to relocate.
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