How To Become A Hunting Dog Trainer

A hunting dog is a great companion to have at your side when you're hunting, but have you ever wondered how to become a hunting dog trainer? Training your dog is a rewarding experience, and helping other people out with your knowledge provides you with all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings – as you hunt down all manner of waterfowl. There are no educational or certification requirements needed to become a dog trainer, but having a solid plan on how to start a hunting dog training service will help you achieve your dream.

  1. Get hands on experience with as many hunting dogs as possible. Chances are you are going to have more problems with other people's dogs than your own, as the other dogs are not used to you. Getting experience with friend and family dogs exposes you to a wide range of dog breeds and temperament. Get as much dog hunting experience as possible before offering your dog training service to the general market. Regular dog trainers take an average of three to five years of hands-on training before going into business, so an equivalent time frame should be just about right for hunting dogs. Establish methods of training, such as positive reinforcement, that achieves the dog training result you are seeking.
  2. Find a location that allows you to train the dogs in all hunting skills. State game lands or private lands are probably the easiest locations to use. The dogs must get used to shotgun and rifle sounds, as well as the sounds and smells of the wilderness.
  3. Start up a hunting dog training business, using the friend and family dogs as examples of past success. Sport and game magazines, sporting good stores, and gun stores are good places to advertise.
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