How To Become A Hunting Guide

Learning how to become a hunting guide can set you on your way to a very fulfilling career, especially for nature lovers. As with other vocations, there are different ways to become a hunting guide. Those aspiring for a position such as this should keep in mind that specialties, requirements, and licensure will ultimately vary depending on the nature of the job, the location, and the employer.

  1. LICENSURE It may not be a requirement to have any type of special licensure to become a hunting guide. However, obtaining a current hunting license is a necessary credential and being on the state guide registry can increase employment odds. You should check with the potential employer and appropriate wildlife agency regarding any specific licensure, certification, and/or any other mandatory obligations prior to applying.
  2. REGISTRATION How he registers as a professional hunting guide can and does vary from one state to the next. Some will require completion of courses, exams, and other requirements. This information can be obtained from the local or state Department of Wildlife in his geographical area. The process of becoming registered is fee based.
  3. EXPERIENCE To become a hunting guide, some experience is crucial. He should have experience in hunting, safety, and in the ability to guide others. Previous work experience in the wildlife field is always a plus.
  4. TRAINING Some education is necessary to become a hunting guide. However, this particular kind of training is typically sponsored by the employer or a local wildlife agency. Classes typically address legal issues, safety, and educate the aspiring guide on what he can or can not do. Many of these positions may also require a CPR certification and first aid course.
  5. OTHER Many hunting guides do not work for any specific entity, rather their services are independent. When seeking to become a hunting guide on these terms, a business license must be obtained in the particular state of residence and wherever services are offered.


The Maine Professional Guide's Association

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