How To Become A Kayaker

You may be wondering how to become a kayaker. There are many reasons to want to become a kayaker, especially the fact that kayaking is a very enjoyable activity. Learning how to become a kayaker is not too complicated and will only require standard kayaking equipment and a little bit of time.

  1. Purchase equipment. Learning how to become a kayaker will require you to have the proper equipment. Decide which kayak is best for you, either an individual kayak or a tandem kayak for kayaking with friends and family. Purchase the proper accessories as well including a wet suit.
  2. Participate in a kayaking class. Learning to become a kayaker will require you to participate in a kayaking class. Learning to become a kayaker without a formal class will prove to be a difficult task. Locate local classes on kayaking and sign-up for one. Remember to go prepare to class when learning how to become a kayaker.
  3. Practice kayaking. Practice kayaking after the formal class. Learning how to become a kayaker is easiest in teams. Find others who wish to become a kayaker as well and go out together for kayaking lessons and practice. Start with easy locations for those who are not a professional kayaker.


  • When learning to become a kayaker you should not go out on the water alone.
  • There are plenty of places to kayak for a kayaker who is just starting out, avoid challenging courses.
  • Formal courses are the best bet when learning to become a kayaker.



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