How To Become A Master Mechanic

How to become a master mechanic does not solely depend on the level of education you have attained. While it is advisable to attend a formal training program after high school, quite a number of master mechanics learn the skills by simply assisting and working with experienced mechanics.

  1. Get formal post-high school training. Quite a number of trade and technical school programs as well as community college programs offer mechanic training running for a period of between six months and one year. Several automobile manufacturers and dealers also sponsor associate mechanical degree programs which run for two years.
  2. Gain electronics knowledge. More and more car components use electronics like computers for their operation today. As a master mechanic, you must have the basic skills and knowledge of the principles of electronics in order to detect electronic malfunctions as you work on cars that are electronically operated.
  3. Join a formal apprenticeship program. Class work only is not enough for you to become a master mechanic. The trade requires a lot of on the-job training and you can get this through apprenticeship. Car manufacturers as well as motor vehicle dealers often offer apprenticeship programs to beginners.
  4. Join automotive associations. Automotive associations offer good industry leads that will help you to become a master mechanic. Organizations such as the Western Regional Master Mechanic Association have national and regional jurisdictions and provide good connections in the industry. Memberships differ and you should settle for the one that works best for you.  Best of luck!
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