How To Become A Mayor

The question of how to become a mayor sounds simple, but is in fact complex. Becoming a mayor is never a sure bet, and to have a decent shot at being elected mayor you must dedicated a lot of time and energy to the cause. That said, if you follow these ten steps, you may some day become a mayor.

  1. Hold A Job. Find a decent job in the town where you want to someday be mayor, and keep it. Develop positive working relationships with people, and build a professional network of contacts.
  2. Get To Know People. Be a familiar face at town events. Be known as a smart guy, a good guy—not a drunk guy.
  3. Avoid Arrest. You must not break any laws and get arrested. If you do, your chances of becoming the mayor will be very slim.
  4. Read The Paper. Keep up with the events of the area, and get involved in things you see in the paper, like local festivals and holiday events.
  5. Attend Town Meetings. Be vocal at the meetings. Come prepared with issues to discuss, and be prepared to discuss them in a polite and intelligent way. Do not yell at people, or curse, or divide groups further. Make it your goal to be a person who brings people together.
  6. Volunteer. Become a Boy Scout troop leader, or a church deacon, or coach little league at the public elementary school. Become a leader in your community by organizing events, like walks to raise money for cancer research, and by participating in traditions that matter to the community.
  7. Get Elected. First get elected to the school board or the town council. This will be your stepping stone to becoming mayor.
  8. Develop A Platform. It should be based both on your strengths and the needs of the community that you have observed in all your work. Maybe your platform will be to create more green space and sidewalks in the town. Maybe your platform will be to raise the test scores of the middle school, or to raise the pay of the teachers.
  9. Find Donors. It is time to begin fundraising. Set up meetings with wealthy business owners and other possible large campaign donors, and pitch your platform to them. All your work in the community, all your knowledge of the concerns in town and all your ideas about how to help should put you in a good position to get some donors on board.
  10. Campaign. Find campaign volunteers (your boy scouts?) and set up an official campaign headquarters. Make hundreds of signs and have your volunteers distribute them around town. Make speeches in any venue open to you, and try to get a spot on a local radio program. Write a statement about your intent to become a mayor, and make phone calls to the townspeople to discuss your platform. Call people for weeks—try to call everyone in town. Make house calls, too. Don’t be aggressive, just be friendly. Be willing to knock on doors and talk about the issues people are concerned about. Let them know how you would like to help, and about your ideas.
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