How To Become A Model

If you are interested in being classified as one of the beautiful people, it is important to know how to become a model.  Becoming a model is a lot more work than looking nice in clothes or walking the mall in hopes of being discovered.  Believe it or not, becoming a model takes real dedication.

  1. The first step to becoming a model is realizing exactly what your strengths are.  By figuring out your strengths, you may be able to market yourself to that part of the modeling industry.  For example, if you have a more commercial look, you may want to pursue print modeling, such as catalogs.  If you are rather tall and slim, you may want to become a high fashion model.
  2. Once you have determined what kind of model you want to become, learn how to play up your strengths.  Playing up your strengths could mean dressing differently or wearing more or less makeup.  The idea is to highlight your best features while downplaying your weaknesses.  You decide how you are presented.
  3. In order to become a model, you need a great portfolio.  A portfolio offers a visual showcase of your many looks.  The portfolio needs to include all of your vital statistics such as height, weight, and contact information.  Often, this will be the first thing that a potential agent will see.  You want it to look as good as possible.  The photographer will have you take several shots showing your different looks.  Try to be as versatile as possible.  The more looks you can cover, the better chances you have of becoming a model.
  4. The next step in becoming a model is finding good representation.  This does not mean letting the middle-aged balding guy with the flyers in the mall represent you.  Chances are, he isn't the representation you need.  Look up the major modeling agency in your area and start sending out your portfolio.  You may have to submit your portfolio to several agencies before you find one that is willing to represent you.  It is important that you feel comfortable with the agency.  If the agency doesn't feel right, keep looking.

Once you have representation, there are many other things you have to do on your journey to become a model.  Your agent will send you on every casting call under the sun in hopes of you getting paying gigs.  You may feel like giving up at times, but hang in there.  Maybe you can be the next Tyson Beckford.

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