How To Become More Fertile

Learning about how to become more fertile has become less of a mystery for men. Combined with the advances of technology and natural remedies, men and women can gain helpful techniques in enhancing fertility. More men are taking an active interest in learning about how to become more fertile along with their partners. Even singles generate interest and commitment in anticipation of fathering. The myth that fertility belongs in the female  domain has deconstructed with male involvement and interest in fertility.  Men who are interested in having children and feel strongly about becoming fathers take a proactive view that pregnancy and conception is a partnership.  Learning about how to become more fertile empowers men with information and it can also empower their partners.

You will need:

  • Selenium Rich Foods
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Whole organic foods
  • Yoga
  • boxer shorts
  1. Pay attention to diet to learn to become more fertile. Poor eating habits such as consuming fast fried foods, flour and sugar laden foods may prohibit fertility. Eating fresh whole foods, organically and locally grown, and complex carbohydrates, such as grains, assist the body to become more fertile. Organic red meat, liver and shellfish provides a good source of selenium. Selenium helps maintain sperm cell integrity.   
  2. Avoid  alcohol, smoking, and caffeine. Learning how to become more fertile means also being aware of sperm count. Nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine can cut sperm count by half. Cigarettes enter the lungs and the circulatory system via the bloodstream. The smoke reaches sperm negatively affecting sperm count. Smoking causes sperm to clump together reducing the mobility needed to fertilize and so fertility is reduced.
  3. Boost fertility with herbs and vitamins. Awareness of vitamin potency can help a man to become more fertile. Vitamin C helps to neutralize the harmful effects of smoking.  Vitamin C mitigates the condition where sperm clumps together and helps increase fertility. According to medical doctors,  200 to 1000 milligrams made a significant and beneficial difference with assisting sperm count. 400 IU of Vitamin E has shown increase in  sperm count. Low vitamin E levels negatively affects hormone levels and enzymes that factor in sperm cell production.  Taking zinc is especially helpful as zinc is involved with significant sperm enzymes. A lack of zinc shrinks testicles and produces unhealthy sperm. Calcium is also an important key to enhance male fertility.       
  4. Wear boxer shorts instead of briefs and tight underpants.  Being aware of circulation can help to learn more about becoming more fertile. Excessive tight clothing especially in the groin area can adversely affect semen count and cause an inbalance. Yoga practice, especially with inverted postures can help with blood flow increase circulation. Avoid long hot showers or excessive soaking baths as this causes slow and sluggish sperm.     
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