How To Become A Movie Critic

The following steps will help you learn how to become a movie critic. If you can watch movies of all genres for hours on end and are willing to critique and discuss your point of view of the movie you have watched, you will be the perfect movie critic.

Things you need:

  • Have an obsession or deep love for films in all genres
  • Know the classics and film history
  • Journalism and/or film degree
  1. Watch all genres of films, even the films you cannot stand. You must know the differences between each genre. Form your opinions on what you think are the best and worst movie of each genre and why.
  2. Know your classics and film history up to the present day. Know your European directors–Bergman, Renoir, Bertolucci, etc. Know your American directors from the earliest with D.W. Griffith to today's Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan. Know why 1928 and 1939 were such iconic years for filmmaking and how certain events changed Hollywood forever. Know why, when and how John Cassavetes is the father of the American Independent genre. Get to know everything about film industry.
  3. Familiarize yourself with critics and their reviews beyond Roger Ebert. Professional reviews made by movie critics are more accessible than ever with online and trade publications. Watch movie review television shows such as "Leonard Maltin: Secrets Out" and "At The Movies" with movie critics A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips.
  4. Graduate with a degree in journalism and/or film. One or both of these degrees are vital in becoming a professional movie critic because they can add serious weight to your resume when looking for a job.
  5. Look for jobs. You can start looking for jobs in local newspapers and on entertainment sites on the internet.
  6. Apply for society membership. It is not a requirement but once you reach a successful peak in your career as a movie critic, you can look into applying for membership at the dozens of societies established for and by film critics. The Los Angeles Film Critic Association, Chicago Film Critics Association and Online Film Critics Society are just a few of the movie societies out there.

If you are not looking for a serious career as a movie critic and would rather pursue it as a passionate hobby, you can do the following to tackle a hobby as a freelance movie critic:

You will need:

  • Have an obsession or a deep love for films of all genres
  • Know the classics and the films that changed history
  • A website/blog
  1. Follow steps one through three above.
  2. Start your own blog or website. Dedicate the website to your movie reviews. You may even want to chronicle your journey in becoming a movie critic on your blog. You do not have to learn a lot about HTML code if you want to set up your blog by using free blogging services like Blogger or Xanga.
  3. Post your opinions and grow your fanbase. It's as simple as that!
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