How To Become A Movie Director

There are rows of books in every bookstore that will promise you the key to learning how to become a movie director, but the best way to learn is to direct. Reading is a valuable tool for learning any skill, but practice is even more vital. Becoming a movie director takes a certain eye, and ear, for captivating people through a story; but it doesn't take an Academy Award to become a movie director.

To become a movie director, you will need:

  • A creative eye
  • A film script
  • Actors
  1. Find a script that you feel confident that you can bring it to life. The first step anyone needs to take to become a movie director, is finding a script to direct. Directors take the words from a screenplay, and directs the talent and crew to achieve the directors vision. Find a script that you can make your own.
  2. Know your script. Read through the screenplay that you intend on directing. Pay close attention to characters, plot, locations; it is your responsibility to know every aspect of the script. Your vision will be what people take away from watching the film. You can't coordinate events that you don't know, so know every single letter of the screenplay. To become a movie director, you have to know the movie that you want to direct.
  3. Convey your message to the rest of the team. Share your vision with the talent and crew. The crew will control how the viewer perceives the film itself, but by directing the actors, you control the connection that the audience makes with the characters of the film. Talk to the lighting crew, camera crew, cast, makeup artists; if you have a specific vision for any particular aspect of the film, then instruct the person in charge of that function.
  4. Know your set directions. Be familiar with production terminology. Everyone knows action and cut, but there is more to being a director than those two simple words. In small productions, the director may find themselves calling to run the sound and film. If you feel uncomfortable with talking to other production members, then pick up a book on directing. Be prepared if you want a smooth running set.
  5. Execute your vision. Know your vision and stand by it. Learning how to become a movie director is far more rewarding when you direct a film that you can be proud of. If you have a conviction, then stick to it.

Learning how to become a movie director is all about spending time on film sets. The more you direct, the better your directing will become. After directing a film, you're  no longer learning how to become a movie director, instead, you are a movie director, so hone your skills by directing another film.

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